Prof. Lucila Campos – Short CV

Professor Lucila Campos is an Associate Professor at the Department of Production Engineering from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) and she is also accredited as a Permanent Professor in the Graduate Program in Production Engineering at UFSC, since 2010. She holds a degree in Production Engineering from Universidade Federal de São Carlos – UFSCar (1993), a Master (1996), and a PhD (2001) in Production Engineering from UFSC. She spent 8 months as visiting professor at the Royal Holloway University of London (2015-2016) working in the sustainability area. She has been a Productivity Researcher at CNPq (PQ-1D) since 2014. In addition to being a Professor, she has also worked as an Environment and Safety Manager at Hopi Hari and as an Environmental Analyst at ERM Brasil, where she performed more than 40 environmental audits and several implementations of Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Her main lines of research are: Circular Economy, Circularity Performance Indicators, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Management, GSCM, SSCM, and Environmental Performance Assessment.

She is the supervisor of the LGAA (Laboratório de Gestão e Avaliação Ambiental – Laboratory of Environmental Management and Assessment).

Her 8 most recent papers in Journals are:

  1. Gonçalvez, P.V.S.; Campos, L.M.S. (2021). A systematic review for measuring circular economy with multicriteria methods. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, online first articles. (
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  4. Collatto, D.C.; Ott, E.; Campos, L.M.S.; Reginato, L.; Knak, S.S. (2021) Method for measurement and evidencing of environmental debt (MEED) in productive systems. Journal of Cleaner Production, v. 282, p.124453. (
  5. Moro, S.R.; Cauchick-Miguel, P.A.; Campos, L.M.S. (2021) Product-service systems towards eco-effective production patterns: A Lean-Green design approach from a literature review. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, v. 32, p. 1046-1064. (
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  8. Benvenutti, L.M.M; Campos, L.M.S. (2020). A fleet-based tank-to-wheel greenhouse gas emission analysis of light vehicles in Brazil and cooperation towards integrated policies. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, v.14, p.255-269. (

 Her 8 most cited papers in Journals are:

  1. Bouzon, M.; Rodriguez, C.M.T.; Govindan, K.; Campos, L.M.S. (2016). Identification and analysis of reverse logistics barriers using fuzzy Delphi method and AHP. Resources, Conservation & Recycling, p.182-197. (
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  6. Jabbour, C.J.C.; Sobreiro, V.A.; Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, A.B.; Campos, L.M.S.; Mariano, E.B.; Renwick, D.W.S. (2019). Annals of Operations Research, v.283, p.289-307. (
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The 6 main research projects coordinated by her or with her participation are:

  1. MCTI/BR “Sustainability in the productive chain and technologies for the manufacture of magnets based on rare earth elements” (Member, 2021-on, MCTI Financial Support)
  2. Erasmus+ QUALENV entitled “Change the Climate: Assuring the Quality of Environmental Strategies in Latin-American Higher Education” (Member, 2020-on, Erasmus+ Financial Support)
  3. CNPq Productivity in Research entitled “Solid Waste Circularity Index: An evaluation proposal from the perspective of the reverse chain and the circular economy” (Coordinator, 2020-on, CNPq Financial Support)
  4. GCRF Research Project Fund/UK “Socially Inclusive Circular Economy in Brazil: Inclusive Strategies and Metrics for Waste Management and Resource Efficiency in Supply Chains” (Member, 2018-2019)
  5. Universal CNPq Project entitled “Development of a Sustainable Value Stream Map in Production Systems based on Lean & Green integration” (Coordinator, 2017-2020, CNPq Financial Support)
  6. British Council Newton Fund/Researcher Links Workshops entitled “Indicators and Metrics for Socially Inclusive Waste Management and Resource Efficiency in Supply Chain: Measuring and Reporting to Embed Sustainability in Policy and Practice” (Coordinator BR, 2016-2017, British Council and FAPESC Financial Support)

Professor Lucila is responsible for graduate and undergraduate courses related to Environmental Management and Circular Economy.

Until 2021, under her supervision, she has:

  • 23 Masters completed
  • 06 PhD completed
  • 04 Masters in course
  • 04 PhD in course

Some International Institutions that Prof. Lucila has some kind of partnership, or joined publications with professors of these institutions:

  • University of Portsmouth
  • Royal Rolloway University of London
  • University of Sussex
  • University of Ottawa
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • New Castle University
  • University of Lincoln
  • Loughborough University